Netflix is seeing an upcoming trend in the industry wherein mobile devices would support HDR quality content. In light of this, the streaming and video-on-demand service is planning to put out more content in the said format.

On Wednesday, Netflix executive Neil Hunt told journalists that the company intends to offer more HDR quality content for mobile platforms. He cited the growing number of mobile subscribers and the company’s belief that HDR would be the next trend in the mobile industry as reasons for this move, according to MacRumors.

HDR or high dynamic range is already part of many televisions at present. It provides better reproduction of colors and details to make the viewing experience more stunning than standard HD. This 2017, some mobile devices already come with this type of technology. There’s the LG G6 with HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, and then there’s Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 that also has support for videos with greater dynamic range. Seeing the slowly but surely implementation of HDR in mobile devices has led Hunt to believe that this will be the next trend in the industry. 

Aside from adding more HDR quality content to its library of movies and shows, Netflix has also expressed its desire of bringing mobile-specific cuts of its original movies and TV shows to its subscribers. The idea here is to, once again, please its growing number of subscribers that are relying on mobile devices to stream its content. "It's not inconceivable that you could take a master [copy] and make a different cut for mobile," Hunt was quoted as saying by The Verge. “It's something we will explore over the next few years."

Hunt recognized that some regions where its streaming service is available mostly rely on mobile devices to watch its content. He pointed out that while U.S. and Canada subscribers typically access its content using TVs, some parts of Asia, especially India, do so through their mobile devices.