• "Among Us" players continue to create new mods and custom game modes
  • A new mod dials the "sus" levels to 11, affecting all Crewmates and Impostors
  • The mod involves one player being assigned the role of "Jester," whose main goal is to fool everyone, Impostors included

“Among Us” continues to enjoy massive popularity thanks to its simple gameplay and overall fun aesthetic. InnerSloth’s deduction game even allows players to create their own custom game modes, as well as mods, to give it a twist. One new mod reverses things and makes players want to be ejected to win.

The premise of “Among Us” is simple. There are Impostors whose main goals are to eliminate the Crewmates without being discovered and consequently ejected. Impostors have a lot of tools at their disposal, including Sabotages, move fast through vents and deceive Crewmates into believing they are innocent Crewmates who also run and hide from Impostors.

Crewmates, on the other hand, will need to perform their tasks quickly and carefully without being killed off by the deadly Impostors. Crewmates don’t have any tool against the Impostor save for the Emergency Meeting and Report buttons that can be used to discuss who they think the Impostor is.

Failing to arrive at a wrong conclusion can lead to wrong ejections. Instead of ejecting Impostors and winning the round, Crewmates may eject fellow Crewmates instead. And with fewer Crewmates to help determine who the Impostor is, it will be harder for Crewmates to eject the Impostors and easier for Impostors to eliminate Crewmates.

But what if the Impostors’ main goal, aside from killing off all Crewmates, is to prevent another character from being ejected? What if the Crewmates are also tasked with avoiding to eject another kind of character as well?

This is the new premise the new “Jester” mod is built upon.

Jester mod

In the new “Jester” mod, a player will be assigned the role of a “Jester,” whose main goal is to fool everyone, Impostors included, so that he or she can be ejected from the ship. Once the Jester is ejected, he or she wins the round.

Jesters, however, have to be very careful so that they do not get killed by Impostors. Once they are killed, they lose the round.

The new mod, spotted by ScreenRant via a video shared by YouTube Socksfor1, increases the sus levels. It makes it harder for Crewmates to avoid getting killed by Impostors while not ejecting Jesters and also makes it harder for Impostors not to kill Jesters without ejecting them.

Watch the video below for more details:

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