Street artist Banksy has made his way back to the streets of New York City after a three-year hiatus, and since Oct. 1 he has been creating new graffiti works for his "Better Out Than In" exhibition. When he announced the exhibit about 8 days ago, the people of New York went on alert to be the first to spot the new Banksy pieces.

Banksy is known for creating obscure works of outdoor art in random areas of major cities. The elusive British street artist, whose identity is still unknown, often references political motifs in his work, as well as love, money and just about every other taboo topic you can imagine. His artwork has drawn fans from around the world and from all walks of life.

Banksy's Better In Than Out pieces have been spotted around New York City for the past week and they're still popping up. His latest piece is a floating red heart-shaped balloon with Band-aids on it.

Dated Oct. 7, it was seen in Red Hook, Brooklyn.