Facebook globally launched its new “story” feature, so now you’ll need to update your Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories, or choose one, next time you’re on vacation or out to dinner.

In addition to the story feature, Facebook also announced a new camera with advanced features in the app would begin rolling out this week for users on both Android and iOS devices. This feature will include, “dozens of effects like masks, frames and interactive filters that you can apply to your photos and videos,” said Facebook. The new camera update in combination with stories puts Facebook in the perfect position to take on newly public Snap Inc., the makers of Snapchat who turned down an offer from Facebook in 2013.

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The Snapchat competitor released the stories feature in waves, starting with a beta launch in Ireland back in January and then launches in certain countries including Chile and Greece. But now Facebook is rolling out the feature for everyone. Facebook owns Instagram and noted that the success of stories in the Instagram app helped them decide to add stories to the Facebook app as well.

Facebook Stories: How To Add A Photo To Your Facebook Story

In the main Facebook app (not messenger) there should be a bar with stories your friends have posted and an icon that says “Your story” along the top of your screen under the “Search” bar. Tap on the icon that says “Your Story.” Once you’re on the camera screen, you can snap a photo or a video and play around with it using Facebook’s camera features that include filters and screens.

Then you can add that photo or video to your story or send it as a direct message for a limited amount of time or post it to your feed. If you send it direct, the feature functions pretty much the same as Snapchat does. Once you send it, whoever you sent it to will be able to view it once, or replay it and send a reply if they want, but when the conversation or the picture of video you send is over it will all disappear, just like Snapchat.