The new food emoji will include a taco, burrito and cheese wedge, Emojipedia said. Creative Commons

Have you ever been getting ready to bite into a delicious taco and wanted a burrito emoji to help share your emotion? Or maybe you wanted to help get your point across that you wanted extra cheese on your pizza. Either way, the food emoji have been lacking -- until now. Unicode 8.0 may include 37 new food emoji, including the long-awaited taco and cheese wedge, in an update Wednesday, Emojipedia revealed Tuesday.

Major vendors like Apple, Google and Microsoft will have new emoji characters in the future, but they probably will not be available until major platforms like iOS, Android or Windows individually issue updates. It’s currently unknown when the updates will be available.

Apple released its iOs 8.3 racially diverse Emojis Wednesday. Some rejoiced -- others complained the yellow-hued Asian Emojis were offensive. Apple iOs 8.3

The most popularly requested emoji by users are: bottle popping with cork, burrito, cheese wedge, hot dog, popcorn, taco, turkey and unicorn face. New faces, hands and zodiac symbols people would like to see are things like nerd face, thinking face, face with head bandage, robot face, hugging face, sign of the horns and face with rolling eyes.

The latest iOs 8.3. update featured a racially diverse keyboard for Apple’s iPhone. There was an outcry for a more diverse keyboard in March of 2014. "There are at least 30 emojis that depict white people," BetaBeat said at the time, "but there's nary a black person to be found. There's one apparently Asian man, plus a darker-skinned guy in a turban." Though the update featured more skin tones, not everyone was happy. Some Asian emoji users were offended by the yellow-hued figures. Other people referred to them as “Simpsons” characters.

Snapchat has also started to use emoji. Each character has a different meaning. Click here to find out the new way Snapchat ranks “Best Friends.”

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