A new leaked photo of iPhone 5 indicates yet another new feature, something that was thought to be a long shot.

Hopefully, the long wait for Apple's next generation of iPhone aka iPhone 5 is expected to end this September. However, there is no stopping yet for the rumors related to possible features that iPhone 5 will be boasting of, and dozens of leaked photos of the iPhone 5 have also added fuel to the fire.

Adding to a long list of doable specs, another new leaked photo of the approaching iPhone 5 coming out of China has revealed an interesting feature - the possibility of a 3D camera, something which has been low on the list so far.

Earlier in May, an iPhone 5 News Blog report, based on a previous iPhone 5 leaked photo, indicated a dual camera sensor array on the next version of iPhone. However, the newly surfaced leaked photos from a Chinese website called 175wan.com features the two camera sensors closer together than original photo.

The Chinese website claimed that the leaked photo originates from the city of Shenzhen, which is home of Apple's components manufacturers. The website also admitted that the frame bears similarity with the look and dimensions of the iPhone 4. Defying growing rumors of an edge-to-edge screen, the new frame does not bear the marks of an enlarged screen, iPhone 5 News Blog reported.

Leaked Apple iPhone 5 photo. 175wan.com

According to an AppleInsider report, Apple filed a patent application related to 3D picture taking to the US Patent and Trademark Office later in March. The filing described a system that would be capable of capturing, processing and rendering 3D images with the additional dual-camera hardware.

Although, the Apple 3D camera patent's diagram showed the placement of three sensors, the purported leaked iPhone 5 photo accounts only for two.

Is this a possible genuine sighting of the iPhone 5?