Nokia's next Android smartphone might arrive with five cameras on its back. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Nokia hasn’t released a true 2018 Android flagship smartphone yet, but a new leaked image suggests that one is on the way. The alleged Nokia flagship phone has appeared in a leaked image that shows the handset sporting a total of five cameras on its back.

The image of the alleged Nokia handset was leaked on the Chinese website ITHome and it also appeared on Slash Leaks. The image shows the Nokia smartphone's back along with its five cameras. The cameras are placed on the back of the handset in a very unique way and they are accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash and a sensor of some sort.

Phone Arena speculates that the camera that’s on the very top may be equipped with a telephoto lens, while one of the bottom three cameras may have a wide-angle lens. The other remaining cameras could have regular sensors and lenses which could work together to produce a single image. The cutout for a sensor on the right side may be for autofocus or for improving depth detection, but that’s just purely speculation at this point. What’s clear, however, is that Nokia is once again working with Zeiss to provide optics for the cameras.

Should the leaked image be trusted? It’s very possible that the handset shown may be a fake or the image itself could be a clever photoshop job. However, a reliable leaker on Twitter, Hikari Calyx, claims that the image is real and that he will receive a prototype of the device soon.

HMD Global, the current owner of the Nokia brand, also recently acquired the PureView brand from Microsoft, as pointed out by The Verge. It’s possible that the company will revive the PureView brand by releasing a new Nokia smartphone that features five cameras on its back. The last Nokia phone to use the PureView brand was the 808 PureView from 2012

There’s currently no solid information yet on what this new Nokia Android smartphone will be called, but rumors suggest that it may end up being named either the Nokia 9 or the Nokia 10. A smartphone with five cameras may seem a bit too much or even unnecessary, but it might help Nokia stand out from the already crowded Android smartphone market. If Nokia does end up releasing this phone this year, it could steal the attention away from the Huawei P20 Pro, which arrived earlier this year with three rear cameras.