OnePlus 5
The OnePlus 5 might have a third color option on its way. OnePLus

The OnePlus 5 has faced a couple of issues with its “jelly scrolling” display and its issues with failed 911 calls, but these aren’t stopping OnePlus from carrying new plans for the device. The Chinese phone maker has teased “5omething New” for the OnePlus 5, which is speculated to be a new color variant.

OnePlus teased fans on Facebook that something new will be available for the OnePlus 5, and that it’s “coming soon.” The company didn’t say what exactly it’s going to be, but it did share a photo that hints at a new color option for its flagship handset.

The photo shows the OnePlus 5 in midnight black and slate gray, but a third outline of the device is also shown without any color. Although midnight black and slate grey color options look sleek, it would make sense to introducea third color variant to mix things up.

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Right now, it’s being speculated that the third color option for the OnePlus 5 will be that of a lighter shade. Both the slate gray and midnight black color are already dark, so it makes sense that it’s new color will be on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Although OnePlus didn’t give out any hints as to what the third color option could be, there are three possibilities. Back in May, just a month before the OnePlus 5 was revealed, the company asked fans on Twitter what color they want for their next smartphone. OnePlus gave them four options: black, red, gold and a pink/blue gradient dubbed as “unicorn,” according to Android Authority.

The black color option is already available, so the choices we’re left with are red, gold and unicorn. Gold appears to be the most likely to be the new color option since the OnePlus 3T was offered in that color last year. The term “Mint Gold” was also present on the OnePlus 5’s TENAA listing.

The company could also go for a red OnePlus 5 since Apple did the same thing for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, OnePlus might not want to draw any more comparisons with Apple’s iPhones since the OnePlus 5 has already been criticized for having a similar look to that of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The “unicorn” color option is quite unique. It would definitely be a risky move for OnePlus to offer its flagship phone with such a deviant color scheme. It might be appealing to some, but it could turn off many consumers. Whichever the case, introducing the OnePlus 5 with a new coat of paint would certainly get people’s attention and might help boost sales.

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In related news, OnePlus published an interview between the company’s community manager and product manager on its official forums page. The interview mostly focused on the OnePlus 5’s Reading Mode and global network support, and it also revealed that the device comes with basic water resistance.

“To be totally transparent, we have done some basic water protection for the OnePlus 5. No IP rating, but better than our previous products. To increase the product's reliability, also to avoid risks that come from the occasional accident like getting your phone wet on a rainy day or dropping into a sink,” OnePlus product manager Vito Liu explained. “We have not precisely identified the extent of this, so that's why we don't talk about it a lot or cover ‘liquid damage’ in our warranty policy.”