The Lifetime Christmas movies continue with the premiere of "A New Orleans Noel," starring Keshia Knight Pulliam and Brad James, on Saturday night.

The film will absolutely be a treat for fans, as it not only brings Knight Pulliam back to their screens after she took a hiatus during the 2021 films, but it will also allow them to see some real on-screen chemistry, as Pulliam and James, who met on the set of "Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta," married last year.

In addition, Pulliam is a familiar face on the network, having previously starred in "Jingle Belle," "Radio Christmas," "Tempted by Danger" and "The Christmas Aunt."

Patti LaBelle ("A Family Christmas Gift") also stars.

So what can fans expect from the film? According to a synopsis, opposites are set to attract.

"Grace Hill (Knight Pulliam) and Anthony Brown (James) could not be more different. Despite having gone to college to study architecture together, their lives took them on completely separate paths," the synopsis reads. "But when they're both hired to work together on the home of Loretta Brown (LaBelle)--a New Orleans praline icon—the two find themselves stuck working together at Christmas...and butting heads over more than just architecture."

"When Anthony and his family discover that Grace will be celebrating Christmas alone, they invite her to take part in their traditions and their celebrations," the synopsis continues. "Soon, fiercely independent Grace begins to learn the importance of family and community, while modern Anthony learns to embrace tradition and the magic of Christmas. And when grace is offered a new job far away from New Orleans, she'll have to decide if she'll leave or follow her heart."

"A New Orleans Noel" airs Saturday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

A New Orleans Noel
Patti Labelle, Brad James and Keshia Knight Pulliam star in “A New Orleans Noel.” Courtesy of Lifetime