If rumors are to be believed then iPad and iPhone giant Apple will be releasing the iPad HD to accompany the company’s iPad 2 in the market.

Previously, the Cupertino-based company was rumored to release iPad 2 Plus along with the anticipated iPad 3. Now new rumors state that the company is planning to launch an enhanced iPad HD much before iPad 3 hits the market later this year.

Apple is said to release the new tablet on the basis of its concept of MacBook and MacBook Pro, where the Pro is used for high-end editing purposes compared to the MacBook which serves as a general purpose laptop. The iPad HD will also be meant for more serious and detailed users.

Currently, the 64GB iPad 2 costs around $829 and the HD version of the tablet is expected to have a higher price. No details about the tablet’s cost have been released, according to a Geek report.

The iPad 3, which arrive later this year, is expected to come with retina display which will have an improved resolution of 2058X1536 pixels. An enhanced Apple A6 chipset is also expected and has been rumored to be powered by a quad-core processor. The tablet will run on the next-gen iOS 5 and will have a Thunderbolt port and wireless synchronization.