The latest “Spider-Man: Unlimited” update has arrived, and it takes mobile players to “Spider-Island,” with a number of new characters to earn and events to take part off. That’s not all as developer Gameloft has also introduced a brand new alliance mode for online players, short mission-style events and the ability to chat with other players and even come up with a nickname.

Gameloft has been teasing this update for quite some time on the official “Spider-Man: Unlimited” Facebook page, especially the new characters that will be part of the game. Instead of different types of Spider-Men and Spider-Women, players will be able to unlock Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker as they save New York from the “Spider-Island” epidemic.

The description from the iTunes App Store states that there will be five new characters, but so far only four have been revealed. Considering the update’s focus on regular characters with spider powers, it seems like it could either be J. Jonah Jameson or Carlie Cooper, both of whom played major roles in the original storyline.

“Spider-Island” was a comic book storyline that had every normal person in New York getting powers like everyone’s “Friendly Neighborhood” Spider-Man, and it’s up to him and his allies to investigate the cause. The game’s storyline follows the same beats as the one from the comic, with the real cause slowly getting revealed through the game’s event. Unlike the original storyline though, the events in the game will lead to “Secret Wars,” which will add even more content to the mobile game.

As far as new features for the game goes, it seems like Alliance Mode will be one of the game’s biggest focuses from here on out. Players will be able to join alliances or make their own ones to see who has the best scores and who can contain New York from the epidemic.

“Spider-Man: Unlimited” is available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The update is free to download, so players with Spider-Man unlimited in their platforms should update the game right away. 

Spider-Man Unlimited - Spider-Island Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Gameloft)