The iPod Nano As Wristwatch
Leaked photo shows Apple will add a camera to 7th generation iPod Nano

Apple is all set to restore an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera on the new version of its iPod Nano, if the leaked images published by a Taiwanese blog are authentic.

The leaked image shows a hole in the iPod Nano case which is probably meant to accommodate an integrated camera, which Apple had withdrawn from the iPod Nano, much to the disappointment of many fans.

If the images are authentic, then it is safe to conclude that the next generation device will have the same exterior features as well as a multi-touch screen. This shows Apple has found a way to include a camera without really changing the form of the diminutive device. Apple had removed the camera in the 2010 version of iPod Nano in order to make it more compact.

However, while the rear camera may make its way back, the device could lose a clip which it sported in the previous edition. The images were leaked by Taiwanese blog which was credited in the past with some successful leaks on iPod Nano.