As for Tesla electric vehicle spin-offs, we’ve seen the Tesla Semi. We’ll soon see the Tesla Pickup and we might get to see a Tesla Semi Motorhome. Now, we’ve got a Tesla 2018 Model S hearse to add to the list.

Made in Norway, the Tesla Model S hearse is now being put up for sale at $207,500, or close to two million Swedish Krona. That’s way too expensive for a hearse, but it’s a Tesla. Right?

The Tesla 2018 Model S hearse was made by Jan Erik Naley, whose business is making hearses. He said he’s already made three Tesla hearses.

The website selling the Model S hearse described it as a, “Tesla Model S specially built as funeral car, landau version with 5 doors mirror adapted to Norwegian conditions.”

Naley said transforming a Model S to a hearse involves more than just changing the inside and back of the roof. He said the length of the Model S hearse had to be increased by 80 cm. He also said funeral homes can save money on gas by going Tesla.

This isn’t the first Tesla to be converted to a hearse in Norway, however. That honor went to another Model S back in 2016.

It seems the Norwegians see the sleek, sloping lines of the Model S as suitable for a funeral wagon. The first Tesla hearse (“likvogn” in Norwegian) built back in 2016 inspired people to build Tesla Model S funeral wagons. It’s said several companies have made prototypes of their own Model S hearses.

One Tesla expert said hearses are perfect for Tesla EVs. Mostly, hearses travel relatively short distances from funeral homes or churches to graveyards. They generally have plenty of time to charge between drives.

A Tesla Model S hearse, however, is one car you won’t be dying to ride in any time soon.

tesla model s
This representational image shows Tesla Model S vehicles parked outside a car dealership in Shanghai. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images