• Camps can be upgraded beyond Tier I later in the game
  • Players must reach certain levels and finish specific side quests to upgrade camps
  • Better camps allow players to craft higher-tier items on the field

Camping is a neat feature in “New World” that lets players set up a campfire almost anywhere in the open world. Camps serve as rudimentary crafting stations, respawn points and resting places for players who plan to stay in the wilderness for long periods of time.

Camps are most commonly used as respawn points for players who are farming high-level monster zones or participating in open-world PvP. While these stations can be left as is, players can upgrade their camps to gain access to higher-tier crafting.

For players who love to spend their time in “New World” exploring everything Aeternum has to offer, here’s a guide on how to acquire and upgrade camps.

New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials Photo: Amazon Games

How To Set Up Camps

Players will gain the ability to set up camps very early into the main story quest. After reaching the first settlement, players will eventually be forced to make a camp in order to progress.

Head outside of a settlement and press the Y key on the keyboard to set up a camp. Find a nice, flat, unobstructed spot and press the left mouse button to place a campsite. Next, collect 5 Green Wood and 1 Flint then press the E key on the campsite to deposit the materials and finish camp construction.

Camps cannot be placed inside Landmarks.

How To Upgrade Camps

In order to upgrade camps, players must reach certain player levels and finish specific side quests. Here’s a quick rundown of every threshold players must reach before they can level up their camps:

  • Camp Tier I – Level 5
  • Camp Tier II – Level 15
  • Camp Tier III – Level 25
  • Camp Tier IV – Level 40
  • Camp Tier V – Level 55

As for the side quests for each tier:

  • Tier I – Starting Quest
  • Tier II – Friends In Fashion (Cutlass Keys and Everfall)
  • Tier III – Cutlass Keys (Cutlass Keys)
  • Tier IV – Lupine Observations (Restless Shore)
  • Tier V – Fading Lights (Edengrove)

The missions mostly involve hunting animals or monsters, which should be fairly easy. Don’t forget to take level differences into consideration before charging into a den of high-level wolves or an obelisk guarded by high-level undead.

Higher camp tiers will let players craft better survival supplies, like food, potions and ammunition. Players can also rest in camps to quickly recover health without spending resources.