New images claiming to depict the back cover of an upcoming iPhone have started making the rounds on the internet on Friday.

The iPod Observer first posted a version of a photo that allegedly depicts an unreleased 16GB iPhone with the model number A1303. This new iPhone case is said to have shed its glossy appearance for a matte black look and might be contoured and textured to give users a better grip.

Not long after iPod Observer posted its image the site MacRumors came out with a few more photos, featured below, that fit with iPod Observer's leak.

The site seems confident in the photo and reminded readers that they were also responsible for publishing accurate early back-case photo of the iPhone 3G.

MacRumors claims it obtained images from an anonymous source in China.

The original iPhone came with aluminum back casing. This design then changed to have a smooth plastic curved back instead which is the current version of the iPhone.