Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO players worldwide might possibly get a more accurate tracker in December. REUTERS/Kham

The hype around “Pokemon GO” has died down since it was first released back in July. Niantic Labs, the developer behind the augmented reality game, is now rumored to bring in a huge update to the game in December to win back its “Pokemon GO” players.

When “Pokemon GO” was first released, Niantic was simply overwhelmed by player demand. The San Francisco-based developer spent most of its time making sure that the game was playable for all, often squashing bugs and resolving other numerous issues. This is why it was unable to keep its promise to bring in bi-weekly updates that would have added new features and content to the game, according to Android Headlines.

Now that the demand for the game is down, Niantic is now in a more stable position to bring in some new features to “Pokemon GO.” The biggest update is rumored to arrive in December and it will come with the addition of 100 new Gen 2 Gold/Silver Pokemon, according to a report from CrunchyRoll. Additionally, the update will also bring in a more accurate Pokemon tracker, a trading system and a new notification system that will inform players about events.

The addition of 100 new Pokemon is just a rumor for now, but with the availability of Ditto recently, everyone seems convinced that it’s going to happen soon. There are also murmurs that the December update will also include other legendary monsters like Mew, Mewtwo and Lugia, according to Tech Times.

Also, one of the other new features seems to be already available for some players, namely the events notification. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a push notification informing him about a double XP and Stardust event that will takes place between Nov. 23 and Nov. 30.

Perhaps Niantic is currently testing the new notification feature and will roll it out to everyone during its Christmas update. the new feature might not be much of a big deal, but it does mean that “Pokemon GO” players can now be easily informed about special events which should motivate them to keep playing.

If all of these new features are really coming to “Pokemon GO” in December, it looks like the update will be the biggest one that Niantic has ever rolled out for the game. If that isn’t enough to convince people to go back to playing, Niantic is also rumored to offer discounts from its buyable items in the game’s shop next month.