The 2011 Nike Mag
1,500 'Back to the Future' sneakers for auctions on eBay until Sept. 18. Nike

The Back to the Future Show created huge excitement among the Nike shoe lovers. On the opening day of auction on eBay, bidding quickly went above $3,500, with some models even priced as high as $4,000.

Nike unveiled the mythical glowing pair that was worn by actor Michael J Fox in the movie Back to the Future II Thursday.

The legendary movie Back to the Future was released in 1989 and the Air Mag was a futuristic shoe that was shown in the movie.

Auction of the Air Mag has already begun on eBay and will be on for 10 days. 150 pairs of the shoes will be auctioned everyday and the sales money will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which works to find out cure for the Parkinson's disease.

Although the shoes are exact replicas of the pairs worn by Fox's character Marty McFly on a visit to the year 2015 in the film, the real ones do not have the self-tying feature which excited the audience back then. However, keeping in mind the myth that the shoe created in the movie, the real one has been designed as close as possible to the original footwear. It includes the glowing LED Nike logo and lights in the heel of the shoe just like the original one.

The real version are designed for day-to-day use and technically more advanced than the one used in the movie and will stay lit for five hours per battery charge, claimed Nike.

Fox in a statement said he is excited that the shoe is back and is hopeful to accelerate our objective of finding a cure for Parkinson's.