During the Apple Keynote event on Sept. 7, a surprise Mario game was announced by Nintendo.

Super Mario Run is a simple mobile game will allow for players to control Mario’s jumping as the plumber runs through his classic side scrolling levels. With a simple tap, you can have Mario jump over obstacles and enemies while collecting coins and power ups.

You'll want to reach the flag on each level and make your way through each world, just like a classic Super Mario game.

There’s a new battle mode called Toad Rally that you can choose an opponent to beat their high score.

Victory in battle mode depends on the coins you collect and how well you impress the Toads on the bottom part of the screen. There is no flag so it’s an endless run until you finish, with your opponent’s ghost from their previous run appearing to show you their progress.

Super Mario Run will be a paid app, no price was released, with no in-app purchases. Itwill release during the holiday season 2016. And for Android users, Nintendo made it seem that Super Mario Run will be released on iOS first, as many mobile games are, and then make its way to Android devices.

Super Mario Run will be the first Nintendo mobile game with Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile games already announced and expected in the coming months.

Pokemon Go was created by Niantic and The Pokemon Company, but Super Mario Run is the first pure Nintendo mobile game.