• A Nintendo Direct could reportedly happen next month
  • An insider revealed what could be featured at the said event
  • Nintendo has not yet revealed anything related to Nintendo Direct

The first-ever Nintendo Direct for this year may happen sometime in February and a new leak may have given away the featured games and other details that were to be announced at the upcoming gaming event.

Japanese gaming titan Nintendo could be preparing for the Nintendo Direct, which could take place next month. This information, alongside several interesting details, came from an industry insider who goes by the name Nate the Hate.

The insider shared this information on their YouTube channel where they referenced a possible Nintendo Direct in February several times. They also shared the highlights of the video on Reddit.

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Although there is no solid guarantee that Nintendo's first Direct could happen next month, the insider mentioned some of the announcements the company is preparing for the said event. One of the main highlights of could center around the long-rumored announcement of the HD remaster of "Metroid Prime Trilogy."

The game is believed to roll out to Nintendo Switch and could officially be in time for the game's 20th anniversary, which falls in the second half of 2022. The insider also suggested that a new "Fire Emblem" game from Three Houses gaming studio, with improved mechanics and enhanced graphics, will release in 2022.

"Persona 4 Golden" could also make its way on Nintendo Switch this year in line with the game series' 25th anniversary, according to Nate the Hate. They also claimed "Persona 6" could be announced along with a new "Persona" title that could release as a PlayStation-exclusive.

Moreover, "House of the Dead" could launch in March while "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" might release later this year but due to internal issues, it could be delayed and eventually roll out next year, the insider revealed. In addition to those games, the insider mentioned that "Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters" will reportedly release in Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

The games which are right now available on PC, Android and iOS devices are revamped versions of "Final Fantasy" titles. This includes the classic "Final Fantasy VI," which to a lot of gamers, is the best game in the entire series.

It is worth noting that these details, while interesting, are not official. Fans should temper their expectations and take this leak as highly speculative at this stage. Nintendo has not yet said anything related to Nintendo Direct.