• "Apex Legends" is rumored to have objective-based modes soon
  • Some gamers believe a native PS5 version of the game is in the pipeline
  • Respawn confirmed in the past that it was working on a native PS5 version of the game

The native version of the free-to-play battle royale title "Apex Legends" for Sony's new generation gaming console PS5 is seemingly launching soon.

Sony released the PS5 gaming system in 2020, allowing users to enjoy a lot of games on the new generation platform through backward compatibility.

Respawn then said last summer that dedicated PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of the game were in the works. Unfortunately, the gaming studio did not say when it was planning to release these native versions.

Now there's a new leak claiming that EA and Respawn's "Apex Legends" might soon get an edition specially made for PS5 gamers.

Apex Legends Emergence adds Seer, a new technological tracker
Apex Legends Emergence adds Seer, a new technological tracker Respawn Entertainment

This latest piece of information about the game came from the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, which keeps track of all backend functions of the PlayStation Store. Apparently, a new PS5 version of the battle royale game "Apex Legends" has recently surfaced on the storefront.

The leak added that the game is 80 GB in size and suggested that while it is not yet available for download, it could soon release on PlayStation servers. Sadly, the Twitter account didn't mention its release window or date.

However, considering that it has already surfaced on Sony's storefront, there is a great chance that the game could release very soon. This is great news for fans and gamers using new generation gaming systems.

A native PS5 version of the game would most likely offer multiple improvements, especially in terms of performance.

Respawn is believed to be working on another project on top of the native versions of "Apex Legends."

The gaming studio is seemingly preparing a lot of surprises for its fans. It recently tweeted a vague statement, which led many to believe that it would soon roll out objective-based game modes on "Apex Legends."

A Twitter user who goes by the name hollowFPS tweeted, "Apex Legends needs more objective based gamemodes (CTF, TDM, KOTH, etc.), arena's should have been used to fill this gap but we just got a 3v3 budget battle royale with a buy menu instead. Hopefully we see an implementation of new, different ways to play Apex in season 12."

In response to this, "Apex Legends" producer Josh Medina tweeted a GIF showing a person taking down notes as if suggesting that the game developer was listening to suggestions and planning to introduce some of the fan-requested modes.

But since Respawn has not yet said anything about the rumored objective-based modes and the release of native new generation consoles' version of "Apex Legends," fans are advised to manage their expectations.