Nintendo Miitomo First Smartphone Game Open For Registration
Fans of Nintendo can now preregister for the company's first ever smartphone that will be launched next month. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

What happens if Nintendo builds a gaming-centric smartphone? This question has been answered by the prominent German design firm CURVED/labs. With all the top-of-the-shelf features including 4G LTE connectivity and Android OS on board, the firm has designed a Nintendo smartphone concept.

According to CURVED/labs, the Nintendo smartphone will have a 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass display. It will run on Android OS along with a custom UX. The icing on the cake, however, is the cool 64 GB of built-in storage capacity. The designer calls this one-of-a-kind gaming phone a “WiiPhone.” Apparently, the control pad elements specific to gaming will slide out from the WiiPhone’s chassis. Upon sliding the control out, a GameBoy-like pad can be seen, notes Phone Arena.

This handset will support 4G LTE, NFC, GPS and even wireless charging. The device will sport a solid 8 MP rear-facing camera unit with dual-LED flash in tow. In addition, a 5 MP front-facing shooter will be part of the device. An exclusive slot to read standard Nintendo DS cartridges will be featured too.

Apart from the aforesaid Nintendo smartphone concept design, Phone Arena says, the company is working on its first gaming-centric smartphone for real. The expected launch date is before the year end. To compound the user interest in such a gaming smartphone, CURVED/labs’ concept design has seemingly taken inspiration from the GameBoy and DS blueprint and has coined the name cleverly as WiiPhone.

CURVED/labs’ video demoing the Nintendo smartphone concept shows the physical controls as part of the slider. However, Phone Arena points out that not many seasoned players will be appreciating this design philosophy. But then, hardcore gaming fans will appreciate the WiiPhone’s physical gaming control buttons instead of the touch-based screens, as they are considered a limiting force to gamers.

Here is the cool video explaining the WiiPhone concept: (Credit: YouTube/Curved)