“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has been a huge success on the Nintendo Switch, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nintendo is planning to make a new installment anytime soon. Recently discovered job listings may be hinting that Nintendo is doing exactly just that.

Nintendo is currently hiring several positions that are believed to be related to a new “The Legend of Zelda” game. The job listings were spotted by ResetEra user guru-guru,as first reported by IGN. Apparently, Nintendo is looking for a 3DCG designer and a level designer. The job listings were published in Japanese, but guru-guru provided a rough translation.

The 3DCG designer will be responsible for creating terrain and topography for fields and dungeons, as pointed out by GameSpot. The 3DCG designer will also be the one to create concept art which will then be used as reference for the actual look of the game.

Meanwhile, the level designer will be responsible for planning enemy placements and the layout of dungeons. Nintendo also wants the designer to be capable of working on in-game events, which are typically associated with online multiplayer games.

Unfortunately, the job listings didn’t provide any specific information on what the new “The Legend of Zelda” game will be about or where exactly it will fit in the current timeline. “Breath of the Wild” is set at the very end of the franchise’s timeline, but some details are a bit messy since there are different timelines to begin with. There’s also no information if this new game will have an entirely new storyline that may not even be connected to the main series.

What is known for sure is that the new game that Nintendo is working on is part of an existing series. With that in mind, there’s a possibility that the new “The Legend of Zelda” game may be a sequel story or even an HD remaster of an older game. The job listings posted by Nintendo also didn’t specify if this new game will be for the Switch, 3DS or mobile devices.

There’s also a possibility that this may not even be a new game at all and it might actually end up being a DLC for “Breath of the Wild.” However, series producer Eiji Aonuma did express enthusiasm last year that there could be another “Zelda” game for the Nintendo Switch soon.