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Nintendo NX may not actually be the console-handheld hybrid device most analysts have come to accept. Recent job postings call the popular rumor into question.

As per official company pages, Nintendo Of America is indeed looking for two separate retail marketing leads: one for portables and one for consoles. The listings themselves are more than a month old, but our research suggests that both positions will be active as of this month.

This discovery could mean quite a lot in terms of the impending NX reveal. Nintendo doesn’t have too much to market until that hardware is released, so it’s assumed that these two people will be associated with the rollout of that product. If the NX is supposed to be both a console and a portable at once, like the highly cited Eurogamer report suggests, why would the game maker need two employees to promote for home and mobile divisions? Could it be that the NX platform is actually two devices as opposed to one catch-all solution?

What’s exceptionally curious is this move directly contradicts the company’s corporate strategy. As far back as 2013, Nintendo underwent a restructuring that saw its handheld and console divisions combine. It’s this action that has led many analysts to believe the NX will explore a blend of the two play styles. Yet, at least for marketing purposes, it’s implied here that two people will be on hand to serve entirely different roles.

Those in favor of the possibility of two NX devices often refer back to an address made by late CEO Satoru Iwata. When the hardware was first referenced, he said the NX would embody a philosophy akin to “brothers in a family of systems.” If taken at his word, the NX could be multiple hardware offerings.

That being said, it’s also worth noting that job postings aren’t always a reliable source for concrete details. For example, a handheld marketing lead could still be relevant if Nintendo wants to continue releasing 3DS software after the NX becomes available. The same person might also be involved with marketing the company’s upcoming smartphone games too.

The console-portable assumption looks to be the most credible rumor to date, but, at the very least, this new development might offer just enough ammo for diehard Nintendo fans to rethink its accuracy.

The Nintendo NX is expected to release in March of 2017.

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