Netizens are wondering whether Nintendo is indeed working on a smaller, lower-priced version of the Switch. Although the game company hasn’t officially confirmed or denied that it is working on it, there are some clues pointing to its existence and eventual release.

Previous reports from reputable sources The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei claimed that Nintendo has moved its production of the Switch console to another location in Southeast Asia, and in this location the company is believed to be working on two new versions of the Switch console.

One of these versions, the reports said, is a lower-priced version designed for on-the-go gaming. Nintendo is said to have done away with some specs like controller vibration so that the handheld console can be sold for a lower price.

The lower priced Switch device is also said to be designed as the successor to the 3DS handheld gaming system. The 3DS, packaged as a budget-friendly gaming device that would appeal to young and old players alike, will be succeeded by the lower priced Switch which will feature more child-friendly titles like “Pokemon Sword and Shield.”

A new source of info

It seems that these reports aren’t the only ones claiming that a smaller Switch is on the way. Some mockups purporting to show the lower priced “Switch Mini” have made their rounds on the internet, giving people a “glimpse” at how the rumored gaming system will look like.

One certain source of mockups appears to have more credence than others. According to NintendoLife, a certain retailer from China, HonSon, posted images of the alleged Switch Mini on its website, along with some accessories that were designed for it. These accessories include EVA carry cases, tempered glass screen protectors, and a “mini portable charger charging dock for Nintendo Switch Mini.”

Some of the accessories listed on the retailer’s website feature an “old mockup” of the Switch Mini, one that made it rounds on the internet already. One certain accessory, however, features a new mockup that hasn’t been seen anywhere. The accessory, a “clear protective case for Nintedo (sic) Switch Mini,” can be seen here.

HonSon told Nintendo Life that it based these products on “secret” information. Well, accessory makers are given time to prepare specific accessories for the systems they are meant to be used for so that they can sell them once the actual systems are released.

Whether the “secret” information there came from Nintendo is still a mystery. What’s known is that reputable sources are saying Nintendo is working on a Switch Mini. Unless Nintendo denies that, fans will always have room to speculate.

Nintendo Switch
Fans will soon enjoy 8-bit and 16-bit goodness when “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” is released for the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 5. joatseu / Pixabay