On Saturday, Hello Games took to Steam Community to state that its team was working on a major update for “No Man’s Sky” that would fix support issues and other bugs that weren’t addressed by the three previously released patches. At the time, the British video game developer said that the update was bound to enter testing on Monday.

However, ahead of the new update for the PC version of the game, Hello Games appears to have remedied the issues found in the PlayStation 4 version, since the “No Man’s Sky” 1.05 update was released for the console this weekend, just a few days since a previous patch rolled out.

Earlier today, PlayStationLifestyle.net reported that the new update is already out, and it clocked in at just 35MB. However, the full update notes have yet to be revealed, with the site stating that what is known as of late is that the 1.05 update comes with “bug fixes” based on the notes from the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, PS4 users who already got their hands on the new update have been sharing on a Reddit thread the changes they noticed when playing the video game. One user named GurpsWibcheegs claimed that the 1.05 update fixes the Discovery menu bug that crashed the game while it was being loaded.

Another user named Wild-Weaasel stated that the new “No Man’s Sky” update fixes the problem with saving a game that could not be saved when a previously saved game was loaded. The same user noted that the new update has enabled the player to interact with certain objects even if the player is a couple of feet away from the object.

On the contrary, user Rinteln claimed that with the new update, walking has become less smooth, while Nomansnoticed wrote that weight and height issues still remain unaddressed.

It isn’t clear as of late if the major update Hello Games promised on Steam Community will only come with bug fixes just like the new PS4 update. It is very likely that they could bring different things to the table, since the developer clearly stated that the one hitting the version for Steam is a major update that would hopefully address all of the support requests from gamers.