• Exosuit upgrade modules can be bought from traders or found while exploring
  • The Space Anomaly has a host of exosuit upgrades for sale
  • Suit slots can be bought from the holo-terminal on space station suit vendors

The Exosuit is literally the only thing that keeps players alive in “No Man’s Sky.” Without its host of life-preserving systems, there will be nothing to do in the game.

Though every player starts the game with an exosuit equipped, they’ll quickly find that its base features are rather rudimentary. With limited inventory slots, protection and auxiliary systems, many Travelers will have difficulty exploring the more hostile environments scattered around the procedurally-generated universe.

Suit Upgrades are essential to improving one’s life expectancy. Most upgrades also improve the overall consistency and feel of general movement and exploration thanks to increased inventory slots, jump jet fuel and more.

Here’s where to find exosuit upgrades and how to install them in “No Man’s Sky.”

Exosuit Upgrade Locations

There are two main ways to upgrade the exosuit. The first is by installing Upgrade Modules, and the second is by unlocking technology from the Space Anomaly.

Upgrade Modules are sold in every space station in any galaxy. However, the kinds of modules sold by each trader differ, which makes finding a particular upgrade heavily reliant on the game’s procedural generation.

The upgrades themselves tend to differ as well, with each module offering varying boosts to certain stats in their respective categories. The higher the module’s class rating, the more stats it will give.

Meanwhile, suit upgrades on the Space Anomaly offer more tangible bonuses. They are sold by Iteration Selene.

Lastly, exosuit upgrades can be recovered from crashed drop pods, which can be located by using Drop Pod Coordinate Data on a player-made Signal Booster.

Merchants sometimes sell Drop Pod Coordinate Data for a decent number of Units each. Alternatively, they can be obtained from the following:

  • Completing Nexus missions
  • Repairing crashed ships and damaged machinery
  • Helping stranded NPC pilots in space
  • Grabbing them from Ancient Data Structures on planets

Exosuit modules must be installed in General or Technology inventory slots before their bonuses can be enjoyed. Multiple upgrades of the same type can be installed over several slots.

Exosuit Slot Upgrades

Players can get more exosuit inventory slots by purchasing them from merchants on space stations. Interact with the Hologram beside the merchant to purchase a slot expansion.

These can only be bought once per star system, and the price goes up by 10,000 Units after every purchase.

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