• Freighters can be bought from Star Fleets
  • A freighter can be obtained for free 
  • Visit the captain to purchase or claim a ship

Freighters are the largest space-faring vessels players can obtain in “No Man’s Sky.” They come in varying shapes and sizes and can trandform into mobile fortresses where Travelers can have their important crafting stations and amenities.

As daunting as freighters might seem, they are relatively easy to obtain. However, getting one will take a bit of time and progress, especially if players plan to buy one.

How to Get a Free Freighter

Once players make enough progress through the early game, they’ll be able to install a Hyperdrive into their starship, which will let them jump between star systems. Warp enough times and players may eventually run into a large space battle between a freighter and a band of space pirates.

Help the freighter and its crew get rid of the pirates. This will prompt the vessel’s captain to invite the player aboard for a reward.

Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky
Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky Hello Games

Here, players will get the chance to either gain ownership of the rescued freighter or get monetary compensation. Like starships, freighters are procedurally generated, which means all their stats and installed technologies are random. Players may want to inspect the freighter first to see if they’re satisfied with its stats.

If a freighter looks good, feel free to claim ownership of it. Otherwise, ask the captain for money instead. There will be more opportunities to rescue freighters in the future, and the ones involved in those might be better in terms of stats, aesthetics, or both.

Space Battles can be encountered randomly after the fifth jump to a new system, and this can only occur once every three hours.

How to Buy a Freighter

If players want a new or secondary freighter, they should search for roaming Star Fleets with the freighter icon above them. Find the capital ship and dock inside, then go to the bridge and speak to the captain.

The captain will allow players to purchase the freighter. Take a look at its information sheet, and if all seems well, the ship can be bought outright. Consider going for freighters with large cargo capacities.