no pomegranates
A 'no pomegranates' video rant from a professor is going viral on twitter today. Ben Fearnow

Video emerged on Twitter and Reddit Thursday showing an instructor repeatedly denouncing pomegranates in a tirade that sees her repeating "No pomegranates!"

Update: Dr. Jane Martino responded to International Business Times regarding the event. She confirmed it was her leading the class in an exercise about the word "no."

"We were discussing in class how meaningless the word 'no' is. I went into the rant to make sure my students knew the 'rule.' Before making a big deal about it the students were not thinking about them. Afterward they sure were! Tell your kids what to think about and just skip the 'no' part," Martino told International Business Times.

Although the exact origins of the video showing the woman's dramatic rant are still hazy at this point, Twitter user Luke Jonasson reposted the video from the popular Meninist account writing, "Best day of class I've had, DMACC pride baby Go Bears." DMACC likely refers to Des Moines Area Community College, where a second angle of the same teacher's rant is shown behind the laptop screen of a student taking a psychology course and several quizzes and tests.

Psychology professor at DMACC, Jane Martino, has been identified as the hater of the fruit-bearing deciduous shrub. "If you go on Instagram and find "gymfailnation" Jane Martino from DMACC is in there screaming no pomegranates," tweeted Jamie Lasher.

"No pomegranates, no pomegranates, no pomegranates!" the psychology professor exclaims repeatedly. She continues the 'no pomegranates' rant as she attempts to draw out more emotion from the sleepy class as it chants behind her. "I don't want them anywhere near here! Am I clear? Say the rule again. No pomegranates!" she continues in the video. In a separate video showing the same professor, she goes off on a similarly bizarre discussion regarding another fruit: kiwis.

Among the first replies to Luke Jonasson's "best day of class" tweet is the alt-right Rebel Media figure, Jack Posobiec, known primarily for being retweeted by President Trump and attacking his critics on social media. Reactions varied widely, with many enjoying posting the video without any context and others suggesting on Reddit their personal theories as to why she hates pomegranates so much.

A Reddit thread entitled "Discrimination against Pomegranates" was posted early Thursday with bizarre, widely ranging reactions: "I would leave single pomegranate seeds in places she might find, that trigger is just too good not to pull," read one comment. "I would love to haunt her with Pomegranates," responded another devious Reddit user.

One Twitter user compared the professor to Kathy Bates' role in Adam Sandler's "The Waterboy."