Billionaire Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has not issued a response to a 12,000-pound metal sculpture of himself in Austin, Texas, that has his sculpted head atop the body of a goat riding a rocket.

The sculpture was paid for by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and cost about $600,000, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The 30-foot, 12,000-pound statue was delivered outside the Tesla headquarters Saturday in an event called "Goatsgiving," by the creators of the cryptocurrency Elon GOAT.

Elon Musk Statue
A statue of Elon Musk's head on the body of a goat straddling a rocket Elon GOAT Token

The Elon GOAT website states the statue was made in honor of Musk's "contribution to cryptocurrency." GOAT is an acronym for the "greatest of all time."

Self-described Musk fan Ashley Sansalone, along with a team of crypto enthusiasts that include Alec Wolvert and Richie Latimer, created the statue to promote their cryptocurrency.

"We dedicated the statue to [Elon Musk] because he stepped in for crypto at a good point and blew everything up," Latimer said. "With everything he has done with [cryptocurrencies] Doge and Baby Doge and a few other coins, we decided why not do the same thing, but really go out there and go above and beyond and to bring something to him."

Elon GOAT token tweeted footage of the delivery in Austin on Saturday, featuring the billionaire dancing and promoting a party revealing the statue.

The head was designed by metal sculptor Kevin Stone in British Columbia, Canada. It took nearly six months to bring together, according to Journal. The other welded parts were built in Phoenix to speed up construction.

The Elon GOAT Token community on Twitter expressed disappointment that Musk has not acknowledged the crowd-funded statue. They said it "seems Elon is testing us."