HMD Global has completed its acquisition of the Nokia brand from Microsoft and FIH Mobile. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/

There has been a considerable amount of rumors going around regarding Nokia’s plans to make Android smartphones. Today, the company made it official by announcing HDM Global as its new home for its phones.

First off, Nokia has launched a new phones section on its official website. The page confirms that the company will be introducing new smartphones in 2017. The page also clearly shows that the website is operated by HMD Global Oy, the company that now owns the Nokia brand for the next 10 years.

Nokia announced today that HMD Global has completed its acquisition of the Nokia license from FIH Mobile Ltd. and Microsoft. This means that HMD Global can now start making new phones under the Nokia brand.

“We've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown around the world for the return of the Nokia brand to smartphones,” Nokia’s interim president Brad Rodrigues said. “The HMD Global team has the ambition, talent and resources to bring a new generation of Nokia branded phones to market, and we wish them every success. I'm sure our millions of Nokia fans will be excited to see their new products!”

Nokia confirmed that its feature phones (basic phones) will be continued with HDM marketing as part of its integrated portfolio. The Finnish company also said that the feature phones will be sold alongside “a new range of smartphones and tablets” that will be announced later by HMD.

Nokia Feature Phones
Nokia's feature phone business isn't going anywhere as it prepares to re-enter the smartphone market with Android. Nokia

“HMD is developing an exciting new consumer centric product range which will focus on innovation, quality and experience, alongside the iconic Nokia mobile phone attributes of design, robustness, and reliability,” HMD’s press release stated.

It has been confirmed that HDM wants to launch its first Android-powered Nokia smartphone in the early part of 2017, HMD Global’s Arto Nummela told Reuters. HMD also said that it is building its smartphone operating system in partnership with Google, while Foxconn will be responsible for manufacturing the phones itself.