The Nokia Lumia 800 was shown to the public Wednesday. Here's some of the major features of Nokia's first phone to run on a Windows operating system:

- It has a 3.7-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display with 800-by-480 resolution, according to PC World.

- The Lumia 800 Includes 16GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM and 25GB of free SkyDrive space, according to engadget.

-The phone is running on Mango, the latest Phone 7 system, PC World reports. This features improvements such as the ability to multitask and a new web browser, according to the website.

-It won't be prone to cosmetic problems, according to Mashable Tech. Nokia, the website reports, takes great care to make their phones stand up to scratches and stains.

-One Mashable reviewer reports that the phone has a good feel--light without being insubstantial

Mashable notes that this phone has the potential to make Windowns Phone an actual competitor in the smartphone OS market, similar to what the first Droid did for the Andriod OS. Below is the video showing just what the phone can do: