The camera system has always been one of the iPhone's attractive features. However, a special non-camera iPhone is available in Singapore, but only for soldiers.

Singapore operator M1 has made the special non-camera iPhones available for the Singaporean soldiers, who are required not to take any camera along in the camp. Thanks to the special feature (or rather absence of a feature), now both full-time soldiers and many Singaporean men who are required to fulfill two years of mandatory military service can enjoy the iPhone.

According to the CNET, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S without cameras will cost S$49 (approx. $38) more than the original versions. But the customers must sign a two-year contract with the operator, as there is no option to buy the device unlocked at full retail price.

The non-camera iPhones are modified, which means Apple's original warranty will be rendered void. So the buyers will not be guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

If the buyers want to avail of the warranty terms, they should pay an additional S$321 (approx. $252) for a one-year warranty provided by a third-party vendor.

Because the camera modules (front and back) are completely removed, and not just covered, the feature may not be reinstalled.

The special iPhone is reportedly certified by Singapore's Ministry of Defence (Mindef), so that the non-camera device is allowed in the Singaporean army. The operator M1 will also issue a certificate with every non-camera iPhone to identify the approval from Mindef.