NutriBullet's maker and distributor, Homeland Housewares, is facing a lawsuit Tuesday after 22 customers claimed to have suffered severe injuries from the Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro blender system. The $40 blender has reportedly caused cuts, nerve damage and second-degree burns to customers. 

NutriBullet boasts a "powerful, 600-watt motor," according to an advertisement claim. Customers alleged that its motor caused the product to explode because of how quickly the blades were spinning. Many claimed an explosion happened after 15 to 20 seconds of use.

Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP represents the alleged NutriBullet victims. The firm asserts that manufacturers and distributors are required, by law, to warn customers of the product's "hidden dangers."

"Unsafe products due to design and manufacturing defects, like the NutriBullet, can lead to serious injuries, including nerve damage," the law firm wrote on its website. "Product liability laws require manufacturers and distributors of products like the NutriBullet to warn consumers about these often hidden dangers when their consumers are using their products for their intended use."

Rosa Rivera, who is the mother of late Latina singer Jenni Rivera, is among those who claim to have been injured by the product. Rivera spoke to reporters at a Tuesday press conference about the product, saying: "Don't use this product no more because it's dangerous."

NutriBullet released an official statement Tuesday in response to Rivera's allegations.

"Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount at NutriBullet, and we were saddened to learn that Ms. Rivera was injured," NutriBullet said in a statement, according to CBS affiliate KCAL. "It is clear, however, that the plaintiff's attorneys are trying to sway public opinion by orchestrating a publicity campaign that makes a very safe product appear dangerous."

"Reports of our blenders causing injury are extremely rare...We typically find customers have failed to adhere to the operating instructions and warnings provided, but we will have to let the process play out to determine the final cause in this case," NutriBullet added. 

This wouldn't be the first time Homeland Housewares has faced legal complications over the NutriBullet. San Francisco resident Pete Damiano alleged in March 2017 that he had suffered severe injuries after his NutriBullet exploded while he was making hot mango sauce. 

"My client did not have warnings on his device and the user manual had soup recipes on it," Lori Andrus, a lawyer from Andrus Anderson and Damiano's representative, told Fox News in March. "We sued the makers of Magic Bullet, a year ago, for the same suit. We settled the suit, and got them to add the warnings to their manuals."

A Florida couple also accused the manufacturer of negligence in 2016 after a man alleged that the blender caused injury to his wife Dec. 20, 2014. The couple's lawsuit also claimed that damage to their property also occurred because of the NutriBullet. 

Representatives for NutriBlender and the Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo law firm did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment. 

NutriBullet, pictured December 12, 2016, has come under fire over allegations that their blenders are exploding and causing injury to customers.