Nvidia is Leading the Gaming World Forward, But Will it Continue to Flounder in the Face of Demand Nvidia is Leading the Gaming World Forward, But Will it Continue to Flounder in the Face of Demand Photo: Unsplash

While it has long since represented a key player in the world of gaming hardware, Nvidia rose to an entirely new level of fame throughout the latter half of 2020 following the pivotal release of what was anticipated to be a game changer (pun intended) for gaming rigs everywhere – the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080.

If you don’t know what that is yet, then here is the device in a nutshell. An external graphics card, the RTX 3080 is capable of delivering an immersive, crystal clear PC gaming experience like no other, for a relatively affordable price point. Or so we’ve been told…

Unfortunately, many of us remain unable to get our hands on the 3080 due to continued stock shortages for which Nvidia was (and remains) either naively unprepared, or unfazed. Either way, new rumours pertaining to their interest in setting a brand new standard for GPUs comes as both a blessing and a curse to the gamers of the world. Read more below.

The Story Behind the Insatiable Demand

Gaming first rose to mainstream success around three decades ago but, in recent years – and owing to the combined efforts of creatives, developers, and the players themselves – the entire industry has risen to new highs. What this means, of course, is that the stakes have never been higher for those working within the industry. With players willing to invest more into their hobby, those in the driving seat need to ascertain how to take the reins before competitors beat them to it.

This translates to a thriving hub of innovation and development. From one angle, we see the development of pivotal new tech – from another, the arrival of sites like bonusseeker.com that exist as a way of sorting through the sheer volume of high quality casinos looking to capture the attentions of prospective players with ever more competitive bonuses. What’s more, records were broken with staggering frequency throughout 2020, with player spending reaching an all time high in many parts of the world.

Nvidia’s desire to augment their status at the head of the industry was, of course, a natural progression of the many ways in which the gaming industry has launched itself forward in the past year. And now, in 2021, they are looking to go further.

Nvidia in 2021

Of course, a large part of its fame was due to the unprecedented level of excitement that had been bubbling around its planned release dates for many months – right back to the dawn of 2020. A larger part still, however, was garnered through the epically disappointing stock shortages that meant that the overwhelming majority of prospective buyers were unable to get their hands on a device.

Still, teething problems – particularly when dealing with demand of this level – are to be expected, to a certain extent, right?

Absolutely. But, the only issue is, the Nvidia GeForce RTX stock shortage saga is expected to drag on well into 2021, which means that the environment of competition, scalping , and surging resale values could also remain the norm for months to come.

Earlier this month, PC Gamer released an article ruminating over the fact that Nvidia may be planning to release a $3,000 GPU that surpasses the specs of previous models beyond all reason. This would, of course, come as groundbreaking news – an impetus with which to push the global PC gaming community forward.

The only trouble is, many of us are still waiting to catch up – and with stock shortages anticipated to continue well into what is no longer the ‘new’ year, it is proving difficult for PC gamers to get their hopes up.