Memory technology company Rambus rounded out the week with another legal dispute ending in its favor as it fights to defend its patent portfolio.

On Friday U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that graphics chip maker Nvidia infringed upon three Rambus patents, according to statements released by the two companies Friday

The decision marks the end to a complain Rambus filed with the ITC in November 2008, claiming Nvidia infringed on nine of its patents. It later withdrew four.

Nvidia customers were also named in the complaint, including and Asustek Computer and Hewlett Packard.

The victory marks another win for the technology licensor within this week.

On Tuesday tech giant Samsung settled a long standing dispute with the firm over patent infringement involving DRAM memory.

Rambus has been filing lawsuits against various technology companies for the past decade, claiming they violate patents held by the memory chip designer.

We will continue to vigorously protect our patented inventions for the benefit of our shareholders and in fairness to our paying licensees, said Tom Lavelle, senior vice president and general counsel at Rambus.

Some semiconductor companies have fired back with allegations that the chip-design firm has used its patents improperly, and has engaged in anticompetitive tactics.

Ramus shares gained on the news, gaining 1 cent to close at $24.75.