Seven people were injured after an apparent gas explosion inside a building late Tuesday morning at Nyack College in upstate New York.

The college, in Rockland County, offered the following update of the situation on the Nyack College Twitter account:

Emergency officials are concerned about a possible second explosion occurring on the grounds of the college, Nyack Patch reports.

The seven people injured did not have life-threatening wounds, Rockland County Sheriff Department Chief William Barbera told the website. He added that the explosion blasted out several windows of the Nyack College building.

Among the injured was a woman who was thrown out of a window caused by the explosion, CBS New York reports. Initially, people were thought to be trapped inside the Nyack College building, but everyone who was inside the structure has been located.

Two people suffered flash burns, while the others had minor injuries, including wounds from broken glass and splinters, the New York television station reports.

The explosion occurred around 11:30 EDT Tuesday at the Sky Lodge Building.

Nyack is a private Christian college.