The Nyan Cat -- a Pop Tart-bodied, rainbow-pooping feline that caused a sensation across the Internet -- is turning one year old. Though the cat was born on April 2, 2011, it wasn't released into the wild, on YouTube, until April 5, 2011, when it was first uploaded. The cat quickly gained a following and began clawing his way to dominate the Interwebz.

In his short but vibrant life, Nyan Cat has racked up more than 69 million views on YouTube. He's also inspired dozens of response videos including Nyan Cats from around the world, hopping to more exotic music styles.

The Nyan Cat's popularity can be confusing to those who prefer logic and reasoning to absurdity and tomfoolery. If you can warp your mind for a moment, you'll have a better time appreciating this grand old cat. The idea is relatively simple: The original Nyan Cat has gray fur, except on his body, which is a Pop Tart. He hops through outer space, leaving a rainbow trail across the great unknown. The Nyan Cat knows one word -- Nyan! -- which it sings perpetually. In an homage to the Nyan Cat, one user uploaded a 100 hour-long Nyan Cat video.

If you're itching to pay homage to this great cat, the best way is by watching the official video (posted below) until your ears bleed. You can also tune into the birthday party for Nyan Cat at 21st Street Games. The event will be streaming on UStream live. The 21st Street Games will have a cake, a piñata, Nyan Cat Adventure game playing, Prguitarman (Chris Torres) in attendance and a special surprise.