At a fundraiser Thursday night in New York, President Obama gave a special shout-out to Aziz Ansari, one of the stars of Parks and Recreation. It may not, however, have been the one the comedian expected.

Obama attended four fundraisers in Manhattan this week, and was expected to gain between $4-5 million for his 2012 re-election campaign.

Thursday's event, a $35,000-a-plate dinner in ABC Kitchen, was capped off by a reception in the nearby ABC Carpet & Home showroom, hosted by Ansari and featuring music by Ben Folds and The Roots.

After Ansari came on stage, however, President Obama went back to the podium to thank everyone for coming... and to take a few playful digs at his celebrity guest.

This is big because Malia is a big 'Parks and Recreation' fan, Obama told the crowd, referencing his 14-year-old daughter. So having Aziz here is the only thing she thinks it's worth me doing.

But after being passed over for an actor, and after Ansari went into Raaaaaaaandy! mode for a speech to promote the president, Obama decided it was time to take the comedian down a notch.

I want to thank him for what he said earlier, Obama joked, But I just want to remind him: I've got more Twitter followers than you, man.

I just want to keep him humble and hungry, Obama added. We all need somebody who does that. Fortunately for me, I have [my wife] Michelle.

Aziz Ansari didn't reference Obama's jibe in person, but the outspoken comedian referenced the incident in his Twitter account after the fundraiser was over. He really said this in his speech, Ansari posted after Questo of The Roots tweeted the exchange. Unreal.

Watch President Obama poking fun at Aziz Ansari below: