The concept of virtual reality sex has been discussed in myriad books, television shows and films over the years. Now it seems one step closer to becoming a reality. A company in Japan just created a sex simulator using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

According to BuzzFeed, a group called VR Japan hosted last weekend an Oculus Rift Game Jam, which is an event where developers gain access to a virtual reality headset that hasn’t yet been released to the general public and think of new and creative ways to use the technology in gaming.

As Kotaku reports, somebody at the Tokyo Oculus Jam created the “VR Tenga,” which utilizes the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to simulate sex acts.

According to BuzzFeed, the device attaches the Novint Falcon, a grip-based haptic controller, to the Tenga, a Japanese masturbation toy. The user would then insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Novint Falcon. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift would display visual stimulation synced to the movement being generated by the Novint Falcon and Tenga. Click here to watch the NSFW video of the device in action.

This isn’t the first time the Oculus Rift has been used to simulate sex. As the Daily Mail points out, the game “Custom Maid 3D” added a patch that enabled users to use the virtual reality headset while they play.

In an interview with TechRadar, Palmer Luckey, the 21-year-old creator of the Oculus Rift, said consoles like Xbox One and PS4 are not the ultimate goal for his device. "Consoles are too limited for what we want to do," he said. "We're trying to make the best virtual reality device in the world and we want to continue to innovate and upgrade every year - continue making progress internally - and whenever we make big jumps we want to push that to the public."

"The problem with consoles in general is that once they come out they're locked to a certain spec for a long, long time,” Luckey continued. “Look at the PCs that existed eight years ago. There have been so many huge advances since then. Now look at the VR hardware of today. I think the jump we're going to see in the next four or five years is going to be massive, and already VR is a very intensive thing; it requires rendering at high resolutions at over 60 frames a second in 3D."

According to TechRadar, the Oculus Rift – which is available to developers but has not yet been commercially released -- is due out in Q3 2014.