Once Upon a Time
The quest to find Hook will begin when "Once Upon a Time" returns to ABC in March 2016. ABC

What could possibly happen next on “Once Upon a Time”? Fans of the ABC fairytale drama are anxious to find out after the Season 5 midseason finale ended with a shocking twist. New episodes won’t air until March 2016, but viewers don’t have to be in the dark until then.

WARNING: Spoilers from the “Once Upon a Time” midseason finale ahead. Do NOT continue reading if you did not watch Sunday’s episode.

To quickly recap, the Dark Ones arrived in Storybrooke to trade places with the living and send some beloved characters to the underworld. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was ready to sacrifice herself in order to save her friends and family, but Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) had other plans. He removed Excalibur from Emma’s possession and moved full steam ahead with Nimue (Caroline Ford) and the other Dark Ones.

The situation looked grim until Regina (Lana Parrilla) decided to remind Hook of a harsh memory from his past. A flashback revealed that a young Hook idolized his father, but his father abandoned him and his brother to save his own skin. Years later, Regina wanted to hire Hook to kill her own mother. However, Hook had to pass a test first – kill his father. Although Hook initially hatched a plan to fake his father’s death and allow him to start again somewhere new, he ultimately ended up changing his mind and fatally stabbed his dad.

Reminded by what kind of man he always hoped to be, Hook made the selfless decision to gather all of the dark magic in Excalibur and sacrifice himself. But Hook’s sacrifice came with a twist. Gold (Robert Carlyle) managed to trick everyone and regain the Dark One’s power after Hook died.

The midseason finale of “Once Upon a Time” concluded with Emma making the bold decision to go into the underworld after Hook. Although bringing a soul back requires the death of another, Emma’s plan is to share a heart with her beau – just like her parents Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas).

The journey into the underworld won’t begin until March 2016, but ABC released a promo video teasing the drama that lies ahead. Check out the breakdown below:

“The Quest To Find Hook Begins”

Emma and the other heroes will successfully make it to the underworld -- and surprisingly it looks just like Storybrooke. Of course, it’s not exactly like the small Maine town. It’s foggy, the old clock tower is now protruding from the ground and the roads and shops have been poorly maintained.

Familiar (Evil) Faces

The Storybrooke heroes have defeated their fair share of villains over the years, and unfortunately they’ll have to face a lot of them in the underworld. In the video, viewers catch a glimpse of Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit’s) beloved car, the blind witch (Emma Caulfield), Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) and Regina’s parents -- Cora (Barbara Hershey) and Valet (Tony Perez).

Regina And Cora Reunion

“Mother, you’re here,” Regina says in the promo.

The two never had a great relationship, but Regina doesn’t appear to be completely appalled to see her mother. And it even seems as if Cora is trying to help her. She warns her daughter that there are “forces at play here beyond your understanding.”

Killian Jones

Dead villains might “live” in the underworld -- but that doesn’t mean that Hook is one of them now. Emma can be seen standing over a grave that says “Killian Jones.”

“Alright, let’s do this,” she says to the others.

Are they going to have to dig up Hook? And if they do have to dig him up, is he going to be the same good man that Emma once loved?

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