• "One Piece" 1020 is titled "Nico Robin Vs. Black Maria"
  • The upcoming chapter is set to release Sunday
  • Available raw scans offer updates on Kaido, Yamato, Luffy and Momonosuke

Since the beginning of Eiichiro Oda's hit manga series, fans have been wondering what "Will of D" exactly means. And while "One Piece" 1020 raw scans do not say much about this mysterious Will, they have put the spotlight on another "D" that plays a crucial role in the manga's narrative: Destiny.

"One Piece" 1020 raw scans with English subtitles are now available online, thanks to industry insiders Abu_3Wad and company. At the beginning of the upcoming chapter, Kaidou will reportedly reveal his son's Devil Fruit, which is the Mythical Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Large-Mouthed Guardian Wolf. According to the captain of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, the mythical fruit is very valuable because it is the guardian deity of Wano Kuni.

In the previous chapter, Kaido said he never intended to give the Devil Fruit to his son and it appears that Yamato did not intentionally eat the mythical fruit because he wanted its power, he was just hungry. In the new chapter, Kaido will tell Yamato it's a shame for the devil fruit to fall in the hands of someone who calls himself Oden.

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The Emperor of the Sea will also convince his son to protect Wano Kuni as its guardian deity, not in anyone's honor but in his name. While it is easy to jump to conclusion that Yamato ate the mythical fruit by accident or by luck, it is hard to set the role of destiny aside in this situation. With Yamato calling himself Oden and trying to act like one, the guardian deity title fits just fine in the narrative.

"One Piece" 1020 raw scans also revealed some details about Luffy, who is currently at the Tokage Port with the Heart Pirates, Shinobu and Momonosuke. Based on the conversation between Shinobu and Law's crew, they heard a voice that led them to the ocean where they picked him. Momo and Shinobu happened to be in the area because they got away from Kaido using Shinobu's kite.

While Momo said Luffy was lucky to be alive, fans know it's more than just luck. Whether destiny will work in favor of Luffy or not is still everybody's guess.

"One Piece" 1020 is scheduled to release Sunday. The upcoming chapter is titled "Nico Robin Vs. Black Maria."