• “One Piece” Chapter 968 dropped a few days ago and showed fans Gol D. Roger disbanding the Roger Pirates
  • “One Piece” Chapter 969 is anticipated to show the Oden fighting Kaido and perhaps the final conversation between legendary pirates’ Whitebeard and Roger
  • “One Piece” 969 arrives on Jan. 26

“One Piece” Chapter 969 is going to be another action-packed series as the manga continues with Oden’s return to Wano country. The upcoming chapter might let fans see the fight between Kaido and Oden. It might also reveal the conversation between two legendary pirates Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard.

One Piece” 968 Recap

In the latest chapter of “One Piece,” fans saw the Pirate King disbanding the Roger Pirates. He left the entire crew with a bundle of medicine made by Crocus and asked them to send Oden home to Wano. Oden returned to his beloved country and was surprised by the warm reception of his people.

The Daimyo of the Wano country learned that a lot of things happened while he was away. He was remorseful of his absence at his father’s deathbed. But, above all, he was mad after learning that Kurozumi Orochi threatened the life of his wife and his children.

One Piece
“One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

Oden stormed the Flower Capital to confront Orochi and wiped his soldiers out. When Oden was about to kill Orochi, the Shogun told him that Kaido might not like it if he continues to attack him. But, the Daimyo was furious, and he could not care enough.

One Piece” 969 Spoilers And Predictions

Based on where “One Piece” 968 left, fans can expect more scenes in the Flower Capital castle. The word of Oden’s attack might have already reached Kaido. And, the most likely scenario is for the Emperor to send his Beast Pirates to stop Oden.

Considering Oden’s skill, there is a chance that he could defeat Kaido’s subordinates. If this happens, Kaido has no choice but to take Oden by his own hands. Another potential event that fans might see in “One Piece” Chapter 969 is the final conversation of Roger and Whitebeard.

In “One Piece” Marineford Arc, fans got a glimpse of this conversation between Roger and Whitebeard. The captain of the Whitebeard pirates asked the Pirate King what the ‘D’ really means. While the previous chapters did not yet reveal Roger’s response, it seems that fans might learn its meaning in “One Piece” chapter 969 and some more.

One Piece” 969 Release Date

The next chapter of “One Piece” will arrive on Jan. 26. Meanwhile, raw scans usually arrive a day or two before the official release of the manga.