• "One Piece" Chapter 976 will drop on Apr. 5 but the latest raw scans arrive early today
  • "One Piece" raw scans confirm rumors of the return of Jinbei
  • The latest raw scans also show that Kanjuro would successfully kidnap Momonosuke

“One Piece” Chapter 976 will arrive on Apr 5 following a one-week hiatus. Fans are in for another exciting chapter if the latest set of raw scans is to go by. Momo will be taken away from the Straw Hats alliance, Kanjuro will show his real power, and Jinbei will arrive at the time when the Straw Hats need him the most.

“One Piece” Chapter 976: Jinbei Returns

Thanks to Imgur user Melzow, the fandom now has the idea of what “One Piece” Chapter 976 would be like. A few days ago, we reported the possibility of Jinbei returning to action following the events at the Whole Cake Island arc. If the recent scans are accurate, fans will see the Fish-Man in action once again, helping the Straw Hats in the upcoming chapter of the popular manga.

Rumors about the return of the former world Shichibukai, have been rife online ever since the Land of Wano arc started. But, it looks like fans will see Jinbei in the few final panels of “One Piece” Chapter 976. With Jinbei’s arrival, Kidd and Law are in disbelief that he is one of the Straw Hats, more so, that he is Luffy’s subordinate.

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“One Piece” Chapter 976: Momo Acting Like A Man

The latest set of “One Piece” Chapter 976 raw scans also reveal that Kanjuro will kidnap Momonosuke. Kanjuro will finally reveal his true power to escape the scabbards and the alliance. It appears that his powers, fans have first seen in Dressrosa arc and Zou arc, are not his true powers. He can draw well and has a secret arsenal that turns his ink into arrows.

This is what Kanjuro will do to flee with Momo and escape his comrades. Surprisingly, Momonosuke steps up in “One Piece” Chapter 976. Instead of letting the scabbards rescue him from the fleeing Kanjuro, Momo asked them to continue with the plan and promised them that he would see them soon. Even Luffy was surprised by the way Momonosuke acts, saying that the little boy is now acting like a brave grown man.

Based on the raw scans of “One Piece” Chapter 976, the upcoming chapter (977) will arrive on schedule. “One Piece” Chapter 977 is set to release on Apr 10.