• “One Piece” goes live on Oct. 25
  • The latest chapter is titled “Wano Kuni’s Dream”
  • “One Piece” Chapter 994 arrives early on Oct. 30

“One Piece” Chapter 993 just went live a few hours ago and here are some of the highlights of the latest chapter, including fans’ predictions and potential spoilers.

The first few panels of “One Piece” Chapter 993 show people in the Flower Capital celebrating the Fire Festival. They appear to be in a festive mood, as this is the only time of the year that the shogun leaves the place. The chapter describes the residents as oppressed and fearful of Orochi but also hopeful that the samurai of the Kozuki family would help save Wano.

The succeeding panels of “One Piece” Chapter 993 shows the happenings in Onigashima. It reveals that Queen the Plague’s weapon has Excite Bullets called Ice Demon. Those bullets turn people into monstrous Ice Onis--their body covered with eyes, they grow a pair of horns and bite people.

One Piece World Seeker One Piece At TGS 2018 Photo: steamXO/flickr

Next act in “One Piece” Chapter 993 shows Luffy and Sanji encounter one of the Beast Pirates’ Headliners Briscola the Gorilla on their way to Skull Dome’s roof. Sanji wants Luffy to conserve his energy for his fight with Kaido, but the Straw Hats’ captain insisted that they could save more time with him helping. While they were arguing, Jinbei appears and defeated a large number of opponents.

Meanwhile, as revealed in the spoilers, “One Piece” chapter 993 shows King conditioning the minds of his subordinates that the samurai wants to make Momonosuke the Shogun of Wano. With the help of Bao Huang and her CCTV-like cat, Sasaki and the armored troops of Beast Pirates attacked Momonosuke. Shinobu protects Oden’s heir while Yamato declares that she is now participating in the war.

At the Skull Dome’s roof, Kaido mocked the Red Scabbards, telling them that weak to defeat him. He says there will never be another samurai as strong as Kozuki Oden. Kaido let out an attack called Wind Scythe and cut Kiku’s arm.

Some fans believe that “One Piece” Chapter 993 is already laying the groundwork for the rematch between Kaido and Luffy. The Red Scabbards seemingly reached their limit and as Kaido emphasized even their powerful attacks could not deeply cut him. Jinbei and Sanji advising Luffy to conserve his strength for Kaido suggest that it is just a matter of time that “One Piece” fans would get to witness the much-awaited rematch.

“One Piece” Chapter 994 is rumored to arrive on Oct. 30.