• "One Piece" Chapter 978 might show Kaido's son meeting and saving Momonosuke from Orochi
  • The upcoming chapter of "One Piece," according to some fans might reveal the identity of Kaido's son
  • A new "One Piece" Chapter 978 spoiler reveals that it might introduce all the members of Flying Six

“ One Piece” Chapter 978 is just a few days away following a one-week hiatus. The previous chapter left fans with several intriguing scenes, including Kaido looking for his son. A new theory surfaced online recently, claiming that the son of the captain of the Beast Pirates might be instrumental in Momonosuke’s escape from Orochi.

“One Piece” Chapter 978: Momo’s Escape Plan

Some “One Piece” fans are aware that Kaido has a son, but the mention of his son at the Fire Festival is too irresistible to ignore. This leads to a lot of fan theories, with some trying to unmask the true identity of Kaido’s son while others are speculating about his role in the Wano Arc. One popular fan theory cited by Hiptoro claims that Kaido’s son might help Momonosuke escape Orochi.

There is a “One Piece” fan theory claiming that Kaido’s son might see himself in Momonosuke. It believes that the unnamed son of the emperor will save the heir of the Kozuki clan. Granting that this claim is accurate, Kaido’s son could play a crucial role in the overall plot of “One Piece” Wano Arc.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

A few days ago, International Business Times reported about the fan theory claiming that fans may have already seen Kaido’s son back at the time returned to Zou. Additionally, the theory believes that the unnamed son is a Scorpion Devil Fruit eater, as seen in his ship’s head. If this is the case, he could be a powerful character that could have a massive impact on the Straw Hats.

One Piece” Chapter 978 Release And Other Details

While some fans believe that the upcoming chapter might reveal the identity of Kaido’s son, others are not as optimistic. Some fans note that Oda might hold out the son’s identity for a few chapters. Instead, the upcoming chapter might introduce all the members of the Flying Six, which was mentioned in “One Piece” Chapter 977.

In the past chapter of the popular manga series, fans got to know X Drake and Page One. But, the latest spoiler on Reddit claims that “One Piece” Chapter 978 might introduce all six members, including a member named Black Maria.“One Piece,” Chapter 978 is scheduled to arrive on Apr. 26.