OnePlus 5
The OnePlus 5T is rumored to arrive in November with slimmer bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio 6-inch display. OnePlus

All models of the OnePlus 5 are now out of stock in the United States, while the phones’ availability in other countries is limited. Meanwhile, a new rumor has popped up claiming that the OnePlus 5T might be arriving next month with an all new design.

The OnePlus 5 was first released back in June with a starting price of just $479. It featured Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB/8GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of storage. It’s also the first OnePlus smartphone to feature a set of dual cameras, one equipped with a standard lens and another with a telephoto lens.

The OnePlus 5 is considered to be one of the most affordable flagship smartphones in 2017. It not only served as a budget-friendly option, but it’s also considered to be a real competitor against other smartphones giants. Now, the phone is completely out of stock in the U.S., while in the U.K. only the soft gold version of the device is available, according to Tech Radar.

With the OnePlus 5 seemingly no longer available in the U.S., some are now speculating that a new smartphone might be on its way. It would seem a bit surprising that OnePlus would simply stop selling smartphones with the holiday season just around the corner. Another thing that needs mentioning is that Google just announced a pair of new Pixel smartphones, while Apple is preparing to open pre-orders for the iPhone X, which is scheduled to arrive in November. So what does OnePlus have in store for its customers?

A new report from GizmoChina claims that OnePlus will be releasing the OnePlus 5T in November. The website’s source claims that the OnePlus 5T will feature a 6-inch 2,160 x 1,080 resolution display. With that kind of screen resolution, the handset is expected to have an 18:9 aspect ratio, the same one that’s found on the LG G6, LG V30 and the Google Pixel 2 XL.

GizmoChina shared a low resolution render of what the OnePlus 5T will look like. Like the other phones mentioned above, the 5T appears to have very slim top and bottom bezels. The device’s sides are also said to be curved, making the design of the phone look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The problem with the image is that it looks very similar to the Oppo F5 render, as pointed out by Android Authority. The screen of the 5T also appears to be running Oppo’s software and not OnePlus’s OxygenOS. It’s possible that this image is just being used to give people an idea of what the OnePlus 5T will look like, but it does seem a bit misleading.

The report didn’t give out any information on the specs of the OnePlus 5T. The OnePlus 5 already features a set of formidable hardware, so it really is uncertain what OnePlus wants to add on the 5T. Qualcomm isn’t working on the Snapdragon 836 and the OnePlus 5 already has 6GB and 8GB RAM options.

It’s possible that the 5T will simply be a redesign with internal specs being the same as the OnePlus 5, but this is just speculation at this point. OnePlus could finally bring in IP67 or IP68 water resistance to the 5T, which should a be a treat for fans who’ve been waiting for a water resistant certified OnePlus phone.

Back in 2016, OnePlus released the OnePlus 3T just five months after the release of the original OnePlus 3. It’s very possible that the company is planning to do the same this year with the OnePlus 5. Still, fans should be skeptical about this new rumor. IBT did report earlier this month that the 5T may have already been scrapped in favor of the OnePlus 6.