OnePlus 5
A bug in the OnePlus 5 will reboot the device when users try calling 911. OnePlus

[UPDATED 07/20/17]

OnePlus has now released a statement saying that it will fix the issue through a software update.

“We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue,” OnePlus said (via Android Police). “We will be rolling out the software update shortly.”

[Original Story] The OnePlus 5 had some issues with its display and its audio playback from videos, and now it looks like the device has a new problem. A number of OnePlus 5 users are reporting that the handset would reboot when they call 911.

The issue was first brought up by users on Reddit, and was first reported by The Next Web. One of the Redditors, Nick Morrelli, was also able to shared a short video on his Facebook page showing the troublesome glitch on his OnePlus 5 unit.

The clip shows Morrelli dialing 911 and calling emergency services. At first, it looked like the OnePlus 5 was already trying to connect the call, but instead, it just turned off by itself and started rebooting.

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Morrelli was also the one that started the Reddit thread. He first experienced this issue earlier this week when he saw a building on fire a few blocks away. He tried to call 911 on his OnePlus 5 twice, but both times his unit just rebooted by itself.

Some users from the United Kingdom are also reporting the same issue. This might indicate that the problem isn’t just affecting the 911 phone number itself, but any other emergency line.

It’s currently being speculated that the glitch may have been triggered by the OnePlus 5’s GPS. Some emergency numbers today are able to tap into the GPS feature of smartphones so that the operator is able to find the user’s location automatically. “The rebooting bug might have something to do with this, as it’s during the locating phase when OP’s phone rebooted,” a person on Reddit suggested.

This kind of glitch is truly worrisome and it could further endanger people who need emergency services. This is a major safety issue and it could easily be one of the worse things that could happen to a person.

OnePlus 5 users are now being advised to test if this bug is present on their unit because some users are saying that the glitch isn’t happening to them at all. Users who have the issue should have a backup phone or a landline just in case.

This appears to be software-related and may simply be fixed by OnePlus through an over the air software update. “We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue,” OnePlus told TNW. “We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at”

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