New reports claim that OnePlus is moving beyond smartphones and plans to launch a fitness tracker along with OnePlus 8. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

OnePlus is one of the few smartphone makers out there that’s still putting the headphone jack on its devices. Unfortunately, the company has now confirmed that it will be ditching the headphone jack with the upcoming OnePlus 6T, which might launch sometime next month.

The removal of the headphone jack from the OnePlus 6T was confirmed by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei in an interview with TechRadar. Pei may not have mentioned the OnePlus 6T by name, but he did say that the “next OnePlus handset” won’t have the headphone jack. So, why is OnePlus removing the headphone jack? According to Pei, it’s about the timing and their plan to deliver the best experience possible.

“When we started OnePlus, we set out to make the best possible smartphone, but making a great phone doesn't mean putting every component available into the device. You've got to make decisions that optimize the user experience, and understand that at times things that provide user value can also add friction,” Pei explained.

“We also had to think about the negative side [of removing the headphone jack] for our users. We found 59 [percent] of our community already owned wireless headphones earlier this year - and that was before we launched our Bullets Wireless headphones. If we were to do that [remove the jack] two years ago, the percentage [of wireless headphones owners] would have been much lower and it would have caused a lot of friction for our users.”

Pei also admitted that removing the headphone jack from the OnePlus 6T was a controversial decision that the company didn’t take lightly. He also said that OnePlus is doing this not simply because everyone else is doing it, but because they feel now is the right time to do it. Pei explained that it will benefit the majority of its users and keep the downside low.

“Before it wasn't the right time, now we have data to back up that it is the right time.” - Carl Pei, OnePlus Co-Founder

One of the benefits of removing the headphone jack is that it frees up some space inside the handset, which will allow the company to incorporate new technologies. One of those new technologies is the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor, which the company has already confirmed to be on the OnePlus 6T. Pei also said that the removal of the headphone jack allowed them to bring improved battery life to the handset.

This may be disappointing to a lot of users, but there is some good news. The OnePlus 6T will arrive with an adapter in the box so users can continue using their 3.5mm headphones. OnePlus has also announced that it will be launching a new version of its Bullets V2 wired headphones alongside its next handset.

The new version of the Bullets V2 will feature the same design as the original, but it will be able to deliver superior sound and will have a USB Type-C connector. It will have a new DAC from Ciruss Logic, which should offer higher dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio and lower noise floor. The new Bullets V2 will cost $19.99, the same price as the original. Sources speculate that the headphones might become available to purchase in November.

The OnePlus 6T still doesn't have a release date, but a launch event for the upcoming smartphone is expected to take place in October.