• More display issues reported for the OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus working on fix for OnePlus 8 Pro display problem
  • OLED display seen as reason behind problems

The OnePlus 8 Pro was touted to be one of the most cost-friendly flagships that anyone can get in the market for under $1,000. It boasts of advanced features with most focused on the OLED display. Critics felt it was one of the best displays in the market if it were functioning properly.

Unfortunately, the past days have seen the OnePlus 8 Pro having display issues. The first one was a green tint issue but it appears more problems have surfaced. A look at the OnePlus forums reveals that users are experiencing issues that include black crush, image retention, and burn-in even at lower brightness levels.

OnePlus has already been informed of the problem and are working on a fix to address the display issue. They are reportedly investigating the matter and vow to issue an update soon. They also explained the green tint problem. It turns out that when the brightness level of an AMOLED display is turned very low, some discoloration disappears once the brightness increases.

As for the other issues such as the black crush, GSM Arena provides a good explanation for its occurrence. They single out how the issue is something all OLED displays go through. It may have resulted from lower bit depth allocated to the display at lower brightness levels.

Further, they singled out how OLED displays are different from LCD screens. The same image on the display will still be shown regardless of the brightness level is tweaked or not. Hence, an OLED's image changes its brightness or luminance level, it is the color or chrominance handling can also be affected.

It was also pointed out how the green tint and the black crush issues are closely related. But the one that has left most puzzled is the image-retention issue. It is a new issue but there is no viable reason for now on why it is affected.

OnePlus did not mention when it plans to release the fix for the screen displays. For now, all OnePlus 8 Pro users can do is hang tight as developers try to figure out what is behind the multiple display issues plaguing the aid flagship.

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