A OnePlus One handset shows the company's motto: "Never Settle." The successor OnePlus 2 will be released Wednesday. OnePlus

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus released its own custom Android-based operating system, called OxygenOS, just one month ago. Now, a new version is already on the way -- with a whole new name that could indicate an elemental theme. The company announced it will be releasing the new system, called HydrogenOS, in Beijing May 28 for its current flagship smartphone, the OnePlus One.

HydrogenOS is expected to run exclusively on the Chinese model of the OnePlus One. Currently, OnePlus’ OxygenOS is available only for international models of the OnePlus One, and the Chinese model runs a system called OPPO ColorOS.

OnePlus has been shrouded in controversy for some time. The manufacturer launched its device in April 2014 running a system called CyanogenOS, which is a commercialized version of the free modified Android systems made by the CyanogenMod team. The OnePlus One was the first device to feature an unofficial Android-based system.

However, OnePlus decided to develop its own system after having a conflict with Indian telecommunications company Micromax, whose YU brand of smartphones has the rights to CyanogenOS exclusively in South Asia. OnePlus settled litigation with Micromax last Friday, agreeing OnePlus can continue to send CyanogenOS updates to the OnePlus One in India. But most models of the OnePlus One, including the U.S. model, now run OxygenOS, and the OnePlus One in China will soon get HydrogenOS. Not much is known about the new system, but it will likely address bugs found in OxygenOS.

oneplus  game changer
OnePlus teaser for upcoming smartphone. OnePlus

Reports indicate the next OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus Two, will likely ship in late summer. OnePlus has teased the new device, calling it the #OneGameChanger. Currently rumors suggest the OnePlus Two will ship with OxygenOS.